Looking for a car can be exciting. You can window shop for the ideal car to suit your needs. You can test drive the cars until you find the right one for you. Before you sign the purchase agreement, make sure that you check everything on the car so that you are aware of what you are buying. Here is a checklist of what to check when you buy a second hand car. • The body. Take a walk around the car and inspect the chassis from top to bottom. Check if all the lights work. Look for bumps or scratches and anything unusual. If there are any visible problems then you could negotiate a better price if you are willing to repair yourself. Alternatively, find out if the seller is going to repair it. • The interior. Inspect the seats for any holes or marks. Look at the dashboard, steering wheel, gear lever and doors. Are there mats or not? Check that everything looks good and normal. • Wheels. Check the wheels. Are there any scratches on the mags? Are the tyres new or is the tread running low? Will the seller replace the tyres or are you prepared to buy new tyres? • Service history. Check the service book that comes with the car. Be diligent to go through it and see whether the service history is up to date. If it is then you can be assured that the car is in good running order because the various car parts would have been inspected, repaired or replaced where necessary. So there would be no old parts in the car. One of such car parts that are replaced often are the brake discs and you want to be assured that the brakes are functioning optimally. • The drive. You have to take the car for a test drive. If you don’t drive it you won’t know whether there are other issues. If you drive it you will be able to hear if there are any funny sounds like squeaking or knocking. These sounds should not be ignored. Ask the seller what the sounds are and if they are going to fix it before the car is sold. You have to be fully aware of any issues that a second hand car may have. You can either accept the car with its flaws or you can negotiate with the seller. Whatever your decision, let it be an informed one so that you are the one in the driver’s seat.

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