Who doesn’t enjoy going away for the holidays or for a weekend break? Our bodies need to regroup to continue with the year. Taking your family on a road trip is one of the cheapest forms of transport if you are going far distances. So how often can you take a long distance road trip? That will depend on how often you can get leave, how much you can afford regarding accommodation and in what type of condition your car is in. If you have a family you would need a sedan or an SUV in order to have a comfortable road trip. Your car needs to be up to date with regards to its service history. Don’t miss any car services to save costs. Missing car services can cost you in the long run because you wouldn’t have been advised when a particular car part was worn and needed to be replaced. You could end up with your car breaking down because of a worn and damaged car part. It would be worse if it breaks down while you’re driving. In between car services be aware of any sounds or vibrations while you’re driving. If you hear any unusual sounds then it’s wise to have it checked. It might be a part that is broken or damaged which needs to be repaired. For example you might hear squeaking sounds come from the action of braking. If you do, it is best to check the brakes or brake discs and consider brake repairs before they fail. So if you are up to date with the service and all the checks on your car then you could take a long distance road trip quite often. If you have the ability you could take a road trip every quarter. Maybe three quarters of the year you could go on weekend road trips that are about two to four hours long. You could travel more locally and get to know the places that are near to you. Once a year you could go on a long distance road trip that is about ten to sixteen hours long. This is a whole day road trip so you’re probably going to travel to a province that is roughly about 1000 to 1500 kilometres away. Usually if you live inland then this trek would be one that takes you to a beach city. And that is certainly a yearly road trip that is worth the while.

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