Selecting a Good Mechanic

//Selecting a Good Mechanic

Selecting a Good Mechanic

It seems like the more cars are being manufactured the more mechanics pop up. There are mechanics everywhere. Next time you drive just take a look around. You will see a number of car repair shops in town and even more around town. If you look further you will notice there are even mechanics doing work on pavements.

So are all mechanics qualified to do repairs on your car? In short the answer is no. Not every mechanic is qualified. There are many mechanics that are self-taught and have gained the skill by working on broken cars and learning from videos or workshops. Once they have a grip on what to do when certain parts break down they then attempt to repair it. These are usually the ones that use their skills on a small scale basis. They may work out of their home garage. If you decide to use these types of mechanics you are at risk because if they damage your car you will have to fork out the costs yourself.

If you want to find a good mechanic you will have to look around and check their qualifications and accreditations. It is a good idea to use a mechanic that has studied the craft and has the relevant qualification to work on various types of cars. The car repair workshop should have an accreditation from an industry related organisation. Worthy accreditations to look out for are RMI and AA approved. These organisations do their due diligence on the car repair workshop to ensure that they deliver a good service with guaranteed workmanship. If you don’t see any accreditation you may be at risk.

A good mechanic will also be able to give you good advice on the repair of your car. So for example if there is an issue with your brakes they can give you advice on whether you need to replace the brakes, brake discs or brake pads. Or they may advise you to skim the brakes which will be a cheaper and quicker way to repair the brakes. Either way, they will be able to advise you on a repair method that is safe and won’t cost you an arm and a leg.

When the mechanic takes the car for a drive when they hear certain sounds they will be able to identify where that sound comes from and what the issue could be. They will be able to narrow down what the problem may be and could focus on just that issue. Then they can discuss the problem and the repair solution with you. When they are done with the repair they will then give you the old, worn or damaged part for you to inspect yourself. This is to show you that the part they removed from your vehicle is damaged and you couldn’t continue driving with it.

A good mechanic is has the relevant qualification and has an industry related accreditation. They have a thorough knowledge of the operation of a vehicle and understand what parts are needed to ensure the proper and safe operation of that vehicle.

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